Trillium Course Request

This is the final stage of your pathways course selection process.

You will need a working copy of your pathways option sheet. Planning for your courses should have been completed before you go further.

The link below will provide you with access to the Trillium Course Request web-based application.

Once you have linked to Trillium Course Requests follow the next 6 Easy Steps to complete the course selection process:

  1. Create your log-in account.
  2. Log-in and select "Course Request" tab
  3. Make your course selections by choosing the course and the "Add" button.
  4. To select an alternative for a course select the course you want the alternate for ie. Eng1D1 then select the alternate course and click "add alternate".
  5. Click "submit" to lock-in your requests.
  6. Click "report" for a hard copy.
  • To delete a course, select the course requested and click the "remove" button. The "clear" button will remove all courses requested.
  • The Trillium Course Request application is NOT currently supported by Mac.

Contact Student Services at your school if you need further support.

Instruction details for online course selection