Course Changes

Changes to a student's program must be requested of the guidance counsellor and in a timely fashion in accordance with individual school policy. Changes require parental permission and can be done only if there is space in the subject class requested.

Where a student transfers from one secondary school to another secondary school, the principal of the receiving school may award credit for work started in the previous school but completed in the receiving school.

Changing Streams / Crossover Materials
Students who are successful in any academic or applied course in Grade 9 will be able to proceed to either the academic or the applied course in the same subject in Grade 10. When a student plans to switch from one course type in Grade 9 to the other in Grade 10, the principal must inform the student and his or her parents that the student will be strongly encouraged to successfully complete additional course work, as defined by the ministry, of up to 30 hours, in order to demonstrate achievement of the learning expectations that are included in the one Grade 9 course but not in the other. Students considering this option should discuss it with their guidance counsellor first. The additional course work is referred to as crossover materials and can be accessed through the internet. Your counsellor can provide you with the internet access information.

NOTE: This route does not apply to Mathematics.