E-learning, supported by the Ministry of Education, is one mode of curriculum delivery, which helps students succeed in school.

E-learning comes in many forms, but it is really about using the computer to access information, courses, and tools to develop skills and knowledge on all types of subjects.

E-learning is not unlike any other form of education - and it is widely accepted that e-Learning can be as rich and as valuable as the classroom experience. With its unique features e-Learning is an experience that leads to comprehension and mastery of new skills and knowledge, just like its traditional counterpart.

Courses meet all Catholic curriculum expectations and standards. All courses are taught by fully qualified teachers in the HWCDSB in collaboration with eLearning Ontario.

Who is a Good Candidate for E-Learning?
To find out if you are a suitable candidate for e-learning, ask yourself the following questions: 

Do you feel comfortable using a Web browser? 

Do you have regular access to the Internet - with a medium-speed connection?

Do you have good time management skills?

Do you regularly hand-in assignments on time?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are likely to be very comfortable using e-learning courses and tools.

Students should speak with a guidance counselor for more information