The goals of the guidance and career education program are to assist students in:

  • understanding the concepts related to lifelong learning, interpersonal relationships (including responsible citizenship), and career planning;
  • developing learning skills, social skills, a sense of social responsibility, and the ability to formulate and pursue educational and career goals;
  • applying this learning to their lives and work in the school community.

The goals have been organized into three areas of knowledge and skills: student development, interpersonal development, and career development.

These areas of learning and their interconnectedness are reflected in the guidance and career education program.

In order to achieve the above goals, guidance counsellors:

  • assist the principal in developing, coordinating, and implementing the school’s guidance and career education program;
  • provide instruction in guidance and career education through credit courses;
  • deliver workshops and seminars;
  • implement a process that will ensure that all students complete an annual education plan;
  • assist students in completing their annual education plan;
  • assist in the IPRC process and correlate the IEP (including the transition plan) and the annual education plan for exceptional students;
  • maintain and establish links between elementary and secondary schools and with community partners to coordinate their involvement with the guidance and career education program;
  • deliver and monitor orientation and exit programs and peer assistance programs;
  • provide individual assistance and short-term counselling for individuals and small groups;
  • assist principals in arranging case conferences;
  • recommend appropriate school board staff and community agencies for the provision of individual assistance and short term counselling beyond the school;
  • assist students with the transition to postsecondary education, training, and the workplace;
  • facilitate the ongoing review and evaluation of the school’s guidance and career education program and, every three years, the program effectiveness survey.