Religious Education


"From a Catholic perspective, the purpose of education is not only the transmission of knowledge, but also the formation of the whole person of the students through bringing them to the personal integration of faith and life. Separate schools are responsible for imparting Christian doctrine in an organic and systemic way, in order to initiate students into the fullness of Christian life and to elicit in response a personal commitment to that way of life."

"Catholic parents send their children to separate schools expecting them to experience education permeated with religious values, including religious instruction, to see Catholic values held, modelled, expressed and taught by teachers, to participate in the sacramental life of the Church carried out in the school, to receive career counselling and academic planning in the framework of vocation, and to enjoy an atmosphere in which values taught at home are supported.

"The three basic means by which separate school boards provide Catholic education are:

  • i. by developing each school as a Christian community in all of its academic and non- academic activities;
  • ii. by providing qualified teachers, supervisory officers and other personnel who are committed to building a Christian community in the school system; and
  • iii. by providing academic curricula, including formal religious instruction, in which Catholic faith and life are integrated."

"Catholic Education and Separate School Boards in Ontario", published in April 1988 by the Completion Office-Separate Schools.


consistent with the foregoing, the Mission statement of the Board expresses in part, its belief:

that the purpose of Catholic education is to assist all students, regardless of age, to develop that fullness of humanity of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the model,

that our schools exist to stimulate our students to strive for excellence in the context of our Christian beliefs and view of reality, and

that, to achieve its purpose, the Board promotes a truly Christian community which acknowledges the centrality of Christ in our lives.


the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board that:

Enrolment in a Catholic Secondary School operated by the Board necessarily implies acceptance of and participation in Religious Education Programs and Courses;

Every student is required to include the appropriate Religious Education Program/Course while enrolled in year 1 through 4 in a Catholic Secondary School operated by the Board (reference the Education Act); and

Failure to comply with these requirements may subject a student to sanctions appropriate to the failure, including suspension or expulsion from the school.