The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, in Renewing the Promise: A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education (2018) offers students the following encouragement:   “Recognizing the presence of Jesus in your life, and learning to pray, can provide a sure support and guide, helping you to say ‘yes’ to all of the wonderful possibilities of life.”

In this year of “Renewing The Promise,” all of our work requires deeper reflection as we consider our collective promise to Catholic education and its true mission, which is centrality of Jesus Christ in all of our learning, in all of our work, in all of our interactions and decisions -- especially as we prepare our students for the future and to be the builders of tomorrow. 

The Ministry has convened the “Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel” to recommend the work that needs to be done provincially, and in our schools, with regard to preparing our students for the future.  The panel asserts that the report was “developed based on the premise that Ontario’s workforce has long been its strength, but to compete and succeed in a fast paced economy, Ontario’s workforce must be equipped with skills and opportunities that meet all the needs of the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

And what is the future for our students? And what will be their work?  These are difficult questions since we are indeed in the age of information explosion, and in an era of rapid change, especially when it comes to the present various technologies and those which have yet to be created.  Media has also had a significant impact on our youth and we must consider the call to be “counter cultural” an urgent matter as it relates to the work of tomorrow.   The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and our board’s mission, vision will provide a guiding light.   These two documents articulate with great clarity a vision of the Catholic school graduate.  Our board’s vision statement envisions our students as those who will have the “ability to transform society” by their willingness to follow the gospel values and Christ’s example and by their reverence for all of God’s creation. 

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations outline seven overarching Catholic graduate expectations with 52 look fors in total.  The Catholic graduate is expected to be:

  • A Discerning Believer Formed in the Catholic Faith Community
  • An Effective Communicator
  • A Reflective and Creative Thinker
  • A Self-Directed Responsible, Life Long Learner
  • A Collaborative Contributor
  • A Caring Family Member
  • A Responsible Citizen


For more details and look fors pertaining to each Catholic school graduate expectation, please see the following link:

Catholic graduates who join the workforce of tomorrow are expected to contribute in very real ways, and because they have been provided with the gift of Catholic education.  As Bishop Crosby stated at the April 2018 OCSOA AGM, students from Catholic schools “spill out well educated, faith filled, courageous people who want to make a difference in our church and society.”  It is our hope that our Catholic graduates make their mark as future builders of the kingdom of God --- that they do so with humility, compassion, and with love of Christ, self and others in their hearts.