Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprentice actively learns a skilled trade on the job by working with and learning from experienced workers, while getting paid.

Apprenticeship also includes learning in a classroom from instructors who know the trade. This learning may take place on a college campus or in a union training centre.

For most trades, apprenticeship involves working for a year and then switching to studying in class for eight to 12 weeks, either full or part-time. It takes between two to five years to complete an apprenticeship.

Trades fall into the following sectors:
  • Construction (e.g. Construction and Maintenance Technician)
  • Industrial (e.g. Welder)
  • Motive power (e.g. Automotive Service Technician)
  • Service (e.g. Hairstylist)
Get help and advice

If you need help or advice at any point before, during or after your apprenticeship, contact Employment Ontario or visit:

Hamilton Apprenticeship Office

Ellen Fairclough Building
119 King Street West, 8th floor
Hamilton, ON  L8P 4Y7